GeoView HO


The GeoView HO Service allows the import, storage and distribution and download of the Customer's digital S-57 product through a web interface. This enables the hydrographic office to efficiently provide its digital products to users which use the data for own business purposes or development of value added service.


  • Efficient distribution/download channel for digital products
  • User management and administration rights
  • Web Map Service (WMS) Integration
  • WMS Style Editor for enhanced flexibility
  • Simple web-interface for end-users



GeoView HO is a tool for Hydrographic Offices to ensure that their digital products, i.e. S.57, can simply and securely be distributed to a wide range of users without investment in own geo-data distribution infrastructure.



The S-57 product will continuously be made available to the Customer's end users, who can download the data as and when required following a log-in with authenticated user name and password The web interface will show which areas have been updated and when, through a GeoRSS and contain a WMS tile cache solution. The GeoView HO Service can also handle other types of digital data products as and when required. An inclusion of these will be subject to a separate quote.