NaVida Professional


NaVida Professional provides the ultimate mobile awareness for tactical operations and strategic planning for a variety of users such as port authorities, coastal administrations, inland waterway authorities, offshore operators, para-military and military organisations. It provides the user with the same chart image as that shown in office-locations, VTS operation centres etc.


  • Mobile chart display
  • iOS & Android platform
  • Multitude of background charts incl. ENCs
  • Live AIS, hydro, met, radar data
  • GPS for movements in real-time
  • Vessel & place search
  • Integration of own info layers, data & charts
  • Rebranding option
  • Preload map function in areas without network coverage



NaVida Professional simply requires the addition of shore-based Web Map Services (WMS), network communication such as GSM 3G etc and a smartphone or tablet.

It provides the user with a spectrum of background charts including Norway raster charts, Norway topographic maps, OpenStreetMap and ENC (WMS). Live positioning information such as AIS, radar and met & hydro data can also be shown as an additional layer on the chosen charts.

Other types of chart information are also configurable so that they are shown in the app. NaVida Professional allows the viewing of the same image on mobile devices as on navigational systems and in-office or operational environments. This ensures efficiency in operations.