Geoview WMS


E-navigation is becoming the industry norm and customers expect seamlessly connected chart information whatever their purpose. Public and governmental demand for transparency and easy access to charts over common interfaces such as the world wide web is increasing.

Requirements for cost-effective methods of integrating large amounts of chart data and an uncompromising focus on safety and data protection are stretching the budgets and resources of data providers.


  • Software or hosted service
  • Increased chart information richness
  • ESRI shape and geotiff display and download
  • Simple interface
  • Low cost and safe
  • EU INSPIRE (View and Download) compliant chart display
  • Flexibility and tailoring to own business need
  • Unlimited support service



To help data providers develop cutting-edge, integrated, fast and reliable chart viewing services to their users, we offer GeoView for the display of S-57 compliant data in accordance with the EU INSPIRE Directive.

The GeoView service allows for charts to be displayed on the World Wide Web and serves images of the operator's S-57 ENC / IENC charts. Maximum performance is ensured through integration of GeoWebCache, allowing a large number of concurrent users to use the service, without impacting the speed and quality. GeoView also allows display and download of raster (GeoTIFF) and other vector (ESRI Shape) charts.

The GeoView software enables the operators to provide rich and detailed chart information though the upload of additional charts (i.e. national, inland waterways etc.) and increased chart details (i.e. depth).

Whether chosen as a software license or a hosted solution, the GeoView WMS gives the operator a large degree of flexibility, with for example display of optional transparent land and/or water layers for integration with other maps and external chart data.

The basic GeoView service package includes a license to use the GeoView program license with associated documentation, unlimited support and future product upgrades as well as compatibility with the iPhone and iPad application NaVida Professional for mobile chart display. Consultancy services for customizing are available, providing operators with a low risk, low cost solution.