Your maritime digital channel


ECC is a state-owned company which provides a niche centre of expertise for the collection, quality management and distribution of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) globally. ENCs are charts produced in accordance with the S-57 ENC product specification from the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO) and authorised by national hydrographic offices.


Our vision is to contribute to greater safety and security, lower costs and enhanced efficiency at sea and on land by rapidly developing technology to fit clients needs.


Our most important job is to create services which make updated ENC information more easily available to all players in the maritime industry and the rest of society.  Our primary goal is enhancing the safety of maritime services and reducing undesirable incidents in vulnerable and resource-rich coastal zones.


The focus of our work is to strenghten the "safety circle" so that ships and all players in maritime safety work together by having access to the same chart data.  This can be achieved by the development of innovative, flexible and efficient tools for the distribution of maritime digital data.